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CK One Fragrance SS 2009

CK One Fragrance SS 2009

CK One 1995
CK One 1995

About 10 years back, Calvin Klein “CK One” Fragrance was the most wanted fragrance among my schoolmates. Definitely, “CK One” Fragrance did a tremendous advertising job that period.The Black An White commericial and the androgynous models brought strong impact to the youngsters.

Now, Calvin Klein “CK One” Fragrance Spring-Summer 2009 commercial came back featured legendary Jamie Burke with the theme song “We Are One”. Shot by Steven Meisel.

Models cast : Allen Tsai, Anna Jagodzinska, August Templer, Cameron Russell, Caroline Ribeiro, Christina Kruse, Coco Rocha, Dennis, Gail O’Neill, Guinevere van Seenus, Guisela Rhein, Heidi Mount, Jamie Burke, Jamie Strachan, Jessica Miller, Johnny Zander, Joe Darcy, Kevin Flamme, Kirsten Owen, Linnea Russell, Liu Wen, Romulo Pires, Sacha Hanssens, Sessilee Lopez, Slater Davis, Travone Hill, Will Lewis.

P/S : I’m still liking the 1995 CK One Commercial, Kate Moss was stunning…


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