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ILoveYou_AmandaBlankIt’s been a while I am not write anything about music. You know why, it’s because I don’t see any good album lately. But now, I gotta feature this American Singer / Rapper – Amanda Blank. This is her debut  album titled “I Love You”.

“I Love You” received generally favorable reviews from music critics. Her light-speed lyrical flow and taste for ultra-filthy rhymes, ultimately becoming one of the talented striking star of the millenium. She kicks ass. (Lady GaGa is just bores me, I’m sorry).

On “I Love You”, every song is slick and deliberately smeary, sleazy, and synthetic-sounding. Definitely a  club favourite album of all time. This is the music for getting drunk to and then stumbling home with a hipster stranger.

Track Listing :

“Make It Take It”
“Something Bigger, Something Better”
“Gimme What You Got” (feat. Spank Rock)
“Lemme Get Some” (feat. Chuck Inglish)
“Shame on Me”
“A Love Song”
“Might Like You Better”
“Big Heavy”
“Leaving You Behind” (feat. Lykke Li)

Recommending :

“Might Like You Better”
“Something Bigger, Something Better”

The first single “Might Like You Better” video :


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