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Tag Archives: Halston Fall Winter 2009

I like slow motion, because it is very romantic; I like to see women’s running, especially in gown. I like cool music, because it moves me, I like camera flash, because it makes me feel like a star. All that I mentioned are from the Halston Fall Winter 2009 Collection.

In lieu of a traditional runway show, Fall season 20009 Halston created a short web video of the various autumnal looks and features Dree Hemingway running down a Manhattan street. It’s an unusual and fresh presentation, and definitely worth watching.

Though you might not know it at first glance, Dree Hemingway is the female equivalent of a speeding bullet,and quickly becoming the next new name on everyone’s lips. The former ballerina-turned-model is impressed me with her excellent personal style, definitely Kate Moss No.2 .

 Dree Hemingway